Friday, 15 November 2013

28 Weeks Later...


After the undead are apparently wiped out, the American military begin the repopulation of England. But when a survivor carrying the infection is found, London finds itself in the grip of the rage virus once again. 

The quiet eerie atmosphere of 28 Days Later has been more or less dropped for a noisy in your face feel. It’s still loyal in a lot of ways to its predecessor but this time it’s blood, guts and all out zombie carnage. Here the action sequences are noisy and disorientating much like the first, but on occasion they reach a stage where you’re effectively watching pure violence and the details of a zombie attack get lost.

As far as the narrative is concerned it felt clumsy and often like they were making it up as they went along. The story reached a stage where the actors who had not yet been killed off seemed to be being thrown into encounter after encounter, giving them little time to act. There was also a lack of exploration of characters and their emotions. Many characters weren’t around long enough to make an impression, so when they were inevitably killed off I felt little in the way of sorrow.

Despite all this criticism I have to admit 28 Weeks later looks great and is very stylish, and a lot of its concepts and ideas, such as the danger coming not just from zombies but from the panicking military, are still original and have a tremendous cinematic impact. I’m pleased to say that whilst this is one sequel that could have been better, by no means did they screw it up.        

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